Wednesday, October 26, 2011

flower or tea

Had this flower tea at paper spoon yesterday.

I went there to help making the shadow puppets.
They will go to Bangkok,make a show for sufferer from flood,
especially children there.

I wish I can do more.

Quiet afternoon,I am thinking about making more envelopes(again)


lina said...

wow. i've never had tea like that before, looks so neat!

hiki said...

hello keetee, i guess where you are is okay from the flood? beautiful flower tea, i love it!!
happy weekend to you :)

keetee said...

Hello,Hiki.Thank you for your kind words,I am okay.Last month I weren't but now I am better than most of peopel out there :-(

Thank you again,I try to comment on your blog(also to Lina and most of blogger but somehow I cannot access..not sure why)so I leave it here,Hope you come and read it and know how I feel really nice to hear of you :-)