Friday, October 14, 2011


One thing lead to another.
I feel better this morning,
and from lina's comment,I feel brighten up,

Try (really hard) to move on.

people different and bad days happen all the time.

I do remember that lina told me that she made envelopes
from maps.I do love envelope from map but
unfortunately I have never found the right map
that I like :-( UNTIL! before I felt down,
I have found the road atlas by Rand McNally.
I have no idea who he is but this road atlas made
from matt paper and ...lovely feel good paper,
( I cannot explain how? but if you love paper/old paper
,kraft,I don't's good paper to make things,you know?)

I feel like this posting is my message to lina,Ha Ha

So,lina,I made envelopes from this road atlas too!,
what do you think? Your envelopes are like these?

I make envelope when I feel dull.
What keep you bright?


lina said...

awww! this post made my morning happy! i woke up really tired & not wanting to get out of bed to do anything, but then i read this post & it was really encouraging : )
thanks keetee!
your envelopes are sooo cute! this is what my envelopes look like:
i love paper & making things with paper too. to make me happy & bright, i try to remember & appreciate the little things. & watch good movies! hehe.
hope your day stays happy!

keetee said...

I try to post comment in your blog(I love your blog too)many times but I cannot(not sure why)so I have to tell you here that I have heard about 50/50 too but never have interested until I read your blog so I will find the movie and watch it for sure!
Your map envelopes is prettier!I do love it!and one more thing,I read and found that you love snail mail too?can I write you sometime?..I am happy when I read your comment!

lina said...

oh no! i'm not sure why you cannot make a comment :/ i'm sorry!
the movie is very good! (but it is rated r for sex & language for sure! just a warning.)
i would love to write to you! i'll email you my address : )

Katyha said...

I just bought a pack of envelopes from your etsy today...I cannot wait to get them, I am very excited. These are gorgeous too, you make such pretty things!