Thursday, September 30, 2010

Under the ribbon

I am way too lucky person!

First I can open a shop in my dream and second,that shop bought me tons of great friends who love small little things as much as I am.

I just recieve a nice box under the ribbon^^ and when I open it I keep shouting (Mr.Bear think that I am hurting myself(again) so he rush in to the room and ask me if I am not OK,Don't be silly Mr.B,I just having a great time with my mail.)

I keep recieved bunny in many form from my friends around the universe and Aenoi,beside the wonderful pot?(how you called it?) I am love the bunny (Green)tea so much,I don't want to ripe it but I have to....I love to taste it so I collected every pieces of wraping papers.I wish that I can go to the place you bought this tea!

G!and this chilli seeds? I find the place to plant them now...Too much excitting for a day,I need to rest(HA HA)

Monday, September 27, 2010


I cleaned my studio and my working desk yesterday,Too many things I want to keep but no space! so I have to threw away most of useless papers and organized small little things (to create more space for more things coming! HAHA)

I have bought this plastic mask from a flea market.I think I could wear it (to replace my old mask here) but when I touch it closely,its too thin!!(too fragile),Anyway,it's too cute,right? so I didn't throw it away but hanging it at my studio's wall instead^^
PS. + +Waitting for NODAME, na ka Khun.Game!but don't worry...I have no Hurry!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

around my Friday

I wear my favourite daisy ring today.
I have a friend (isn't he,Adorable?) in my desk and it's super sunny outside my window!

Friday again,This weekend will be by super busy weekend after I stopped working for a week.
Wish you girls have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hands all over

Since 21 september,I search all over record store in my city.theres gainno place have "Hands all over",my dear Maroon 5's new album.I try to buy it from itune but unfortunately it's not avaliable for Thailand -_-,Maybe I have to wait for a while.

Anyway,I watch this "Give a little more" MV from Youtube and as I always expected from them,so funky,so sexy as always! wish they have world tour and this time I won't miss it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moon Lover

Tonight we will have Moon Festival at my mom house.

This afternoon I help my aunt prepare for the festival,we will decorate pomelo(we use it because it's a big round fruit) with red cutting paper,I cut it to a flower with rabbit inside^^

Do you have a Moon Festival at your house too?

I will have a lot of moon cake tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

back to normal

Miss me girls?I went to Bangkok(again) but this time a little bit longer than I thought. I found lot and lots of nice items for both Kit-bit-s and Pattern Parade so you might want to visit both shop next week^^

I love to sleep in deep darkness.I found that some people can sleep very easily even the light turn on or TV sound so lound (like Mr.Bear,he can sleep in every environment!),I can't! I love to sleep with less light(or no light),silent cradle me in the bed.

This lovely bear eye mask is the best because its lined with black fabric so when I put it on,I will have a real darkness,then I can sleep happily^^

How about you girls? What make you sleep at night?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bunny fan!

When Reiko comeback from Japan,she gave me this super lovely fan! and now I have to take it with me everywhere I go^^

I alway considering myself as a very lucky person.

Couple week ago I search everywhere for this book
( I have never read Romantic book before! but Aenoi proudly present me one of Christina Dodd's book and I am kind of like it^^,I am not sure that Aenoi read this kind of book but I am pround to tell you that she edit this book! ) well,Nowhere I can find it,then I ask one of my customer ( again,she so lovely and incredible kind),she have a book store and she said that she will find it for me! and now she left me a message that I should get the book within this week!! How lucky I am!!Thank you so much Kun Game!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I ♥ cupcake

A lovely girl make this cupcake for me and I have them for my breakfast^^ know?,you should not eat any sweet after dinner ( at night,before you go to bed too!),so I change my habit(as you know,I always try to loose weight...which I think,I have never success(ha ha)).I start to eat all my favourite sweet,like,chocolate cake,cookies,milk pudding...and more, as my breakfast or after lunch instead of after dinner.I don't know if this help?what do you think?

This girl(who make this cupcake for me),she just has a little (very little) daughter.I think her daughter so lucky when she grow up she will have so much fun helping her mother baking or cooking... play with her mother cloth!(most from Kit-bit-s,I hope(ha ha)),I just love a little girl(and this one too adorable)

Thank you so much,Aof,your cupcake really delicious and CUTE!
I am so lucky!I cannot cook(or bake)but all my dear friends around me,they can!

(Aenoi, Are you too busy to bake these day?^O^,I miss your cookies HA HA)