Sunday, October 23, 2011


Lovely gift from India.
Love them because They will remind me that
my friends have thinking of me while they in strange land:-)

I kind of thinking that my handwriting is look worse
than when I was a student.

Maybe because I do write less,just postcards,
thank you notes,letters...maybe not enough.
I am sure I need more practice.

Have you ever think that you don't have enough money?
Have you ever wondering where's all your money gone?
For me,I think I spent a lot in eating and "small little things"
( a lot of small little thing,actually.HA HA)

Keep remind myself stop buying things that don't have function.

Sometime I don't know what to choose,between
"work harder to get more money" or
"Buy less so I don't need more money"
What will you choose?

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