Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have created a picture album called " snail mail"
on my facebook account,which I don't have many friends
and also I am not really a facebook person but I do really
want to share you girls the packages,which I put all my heart
into it before I sent them to people around the world.

So,Here I am,once in a while I will add some picture of the package
I have packed to you,ok?

Anyway,I am really proud of this hanger,I think.....
it's the way you say " Kitsch" to something?
It's can look a little ugly for someone but it will look
adorable for someone too!(for me,this hanger is beautiful!)

what do think?

and the package?,I use the paper bag which one of my lovely
friend put my birthday present in it,then I have turned that paper bag
to paper wrap for one of my customer( I wish she like it :-))

My stomach sing a "hungry song"very loud,right now!
I think I must make it stop or anyone who stand or sit next to me
will hear the song too...I don't think my stomach have a nice sound,HA HA

This evening,What you girls will have for dinner?

1 comment:

mieke willems said...

how nice! love the hanger, and i knew already that you are the best wrapper!