Thursday, October 13, 2011


I am sitting in the dark side,right now.
( I might turn to be a darth vader in any minute!)

One thing I don't want to learn is
"even you try hard to make everyone happy,
it doesn't mean you will not get hurt"

It's like when you smile to a person,that person not just smile
back to you,he/she/they just pout at you and maybe in
his/her/their head wondering what's wrong with this woman!

in my case,this person is total stranger.

"What did I do wrong"
I kept thinking like this everyday in past 3 days

Nothing can cheer me up,I don't have package to pack
it's mean really,nothing can make me stray from this thought!
( so,well...I just show you my old package
which I do enjoy my goodtime pack them )

I wish someone just walk to me and tell me what's wrong
Sunny afternoon,I wish you girls have happier thought.

1 comment:

lina said...

aww keetee! i'm sorry you feel down! sometimes people can be so rude. i just remember that maybe they aren't always like that & probably are just having a bad day.
well, i am always happy after i read your blog : ) & your packages looks so lovely!! i love the paper you used & the tape & the extra do-dads : )
be happy!