Saturday, January 21, 2012


On 29th January,Me and Aenoi will have a workshop!
so I will go to Bangkok for Chinese's New Year
( Yep!,For who still don't know,I am half Chinese)
and for the workshop.

It will take almost 2 weeks from now and I will not see you girls during
the time....It's another long trip and
I surely miss my home( and you,girls)

I am not so sure that it good to get out of my comfort zone.
I have forced myself somehow before and it never turned out well
but lately,I don't know because of Mr.Bear encouragement
or I just met new good friend.I think this is that moment!

I might choking myself with this or I might found
new space where I can fit in.

Let's see,shall we?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


How could a piece of paper can make
your heart feel so warm,so happy,
feel that you be loved,
thank you and grateful in the same time??

+ postcard from a friend when she visited London
and a poster that Aenoi wrapped a gift for me.

Another lovely but busy day.
Woke up early this morning,
super cold but I was enjoy it.

Guess Winter decide to stay with us a little longer
than I thought.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's a nice day to hang a new picture!!!

I went to my shop( Kit-bit-s ) today
and hung this painting,which my friend gave
me as a new year gift ( What a great gift!)

Met an old friend and a super cute customer
(who has a super cute cat!),
lots and lots of smiling faces.

I feel like I live in another world!
not the one I am so busy and tried.

Tomorrow,I have to go back to that world
but right now let me enjoy this moment a little longer.

Good bye Sunday.

Friday, January 13, 2012


My friend made me confusing
when we talked about "love" and "attachment"
and now I still thinking about it.

I gave my pony garland to Aenoi(my best friend)
and I bought new one :-)
They are colorful firework and
it hanging near my thread shelf.

I hate grey sky day but it was better when I spent
the day with real laugh and nice talk.

not a really bad day at all,
Good night my girls.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I feel for coral today.
A little orange mix with pink,
not too sweet but something dreamy.

Busy day.
Only thing I can thinking of right now is hot shower
and my bed.

what you gonna draw if you have a new box of crayon,
Hmmm....A Coral rabbit in green beret.

Monday, January 9, 2012

all you need is love

I feel like lately I say this sentence a lot!
Lennon was a wise man and I do believe is
" All you need is love "

Time for saving money for our family trip has come(again)
Both of us make a vow to each other to use less money,
spending our money more careful.
(G!I just bought a set of tea cup today!!!,It's count?...
I think I bought it before we made the vow!)

I do hope that a lot of water and vitamin C
can keep me away from catching cold
but the cold has catch me ( they are so fast!!),
This one is my fourth time for this winter!!!

Maybe water and vitamin C are not enough,
well,... sleep a lot can be another helper so
let's sleep a little bit earlier my girls :-)
Sweet dream will make tomorrow is a better day.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Milk pudding at Omu
and I just get this salt and pepper from Burger King.

How are you my girls?
Do you have a great beginning?

I go out a lots ( like I have never did before!)
Meet a lot of great new friends.
Eat a lot of new food! ( not sure this is good)
Didn't work for a week ( umm...this might not good too)

Let's hope everyday in this year are nice happy days.
Wish you girls can find the way to smile,everyday.