Friday, November 26, 2010

My Fifi-Lapin pin

This will be the most expensive brooch I have ever bought (for now)
but don't you think it worth?

As a rabbit myself,I spent most time in my house and garden,gardening,sew this,
cut that but Fifi-Lapin spent most of her time with her closet.

We are so different but I adored FIfi-Lapin ,she a lovely rabbit^^
( I know every of you love her too)

Dear friends,I will fly out to Singapore tonight far from home and my routine work.
Mr.Bear will be by my side and I don't care where we will go
I know that I will have fun just to have him with me.
see you next week my freinds,this rabbit will come back with
a story about Singapore^^

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dream about Spring

Everytime I look outside the window(my shop's window) I will see this fairy flowing around!
My neighbour is a fairy shop.Handmade seasonal fairy.

Last Halloween,they have a cute little witches flying on her bloom on the shop display.
I have one spring time fairy flying under my table lamp.

I will have a break soon,Tomorrow night I will fly far from home and work!

Monday, November 22, 2010

buttons chart

I've got this gift from a lady who help me fix many many vintage clothes ( Kitbits Vintage).
She gave this buttons chart to me because she know how I am obsess with fabric button^^
(How could I not?,do you see the flower shape one?or the one with double circle?
I am dying for their block! but I doubt that it still exist?)

This weekend was so terrible for me becasue I catch a big cold!
Last night was the worst because my head felt like I have people have a big party inside
when I craving for a nice sleep!,Mr.Bear even want me to go to the hospital this morning!
Lucky me,I feel a lot better this morning.

so,It's not a really bad beginning for this week,right?

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have a guest this morning.She came with her mother.
( Her mother bought a lovely purple peterpan collar blouse from me)

I don't know where is she come from or how old she is
(I guess she come from India) but she make friend with this racing horse and her jockey.

I cannot explain how I feel when I see a little girl laugh,It's really brighten up the room
and for this girl,she brighten up my day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Momoko Toda

This is very delightful!.

Now,Kit-bit-s has Momoko Tada's product to sell.
I am her fan for...forever!You have already know that me and my sisters
are cat person so Momoko's drawing are all about cat^^
We have notebook with stripe inside so it's the best for writting (60Baht)
and we have collection of her postcards (20Baht/each).

If you love her art don't forget to stop by.

I have already send most of her postcard to all of my friends^^

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


When I was very young girl.I was alway have morning walk with my grandmother.

We were very close,I mean...I spend most of my childhood with her.

Then I got chicken pox,It's real itchy and I were want to scratched evey part of my body(you know what I mean!) My grandmother didn't use any balm to help
but she told me while we have morning walk to look around on our path to find
this little herb.I don't what it's called but it's really look like weed(for me) all I have to do
and seperate it from others weed by look underneath its leaf to find....this small spot under it.

When we have enough(quite a lot),my grandmother will boil it until she got a big (ugly) green
pot of this herb water.She was mixed it with cool water in the tub.

Ok!Now the tub will full with ugly green (and smell not so good,trust me) warm water.
What I did next is take a long bath in the tub! You know what?all itching gone!
It's very rare to find this little herb now.

This morning I see this herb outside my house and I miss her so much!

Monday, November 15, 2010

people busy

Hello, Monday
You are here again,why don't you have some rest?

I will alway too busy...I don't know why?

Have you ever read " MOMO"(by Michael Ende) I think I might leave my time with the grey gentlemen.(You will know what I mean if you have ever read this wonderful book

Last weekend,I cut and sew,I took picture and I eat my mom's super dilicious fried rice.
I wish I have 5days for weekend and only 2days for workdays
(Even for me weekend means "workday" beacuse I can work with the things I do love)

PS. This bunny seem surprise to see me,I guess she have a great time digging while I found her^^(anyway,She live at Paper spoon)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

tiny flower around

It's absolutely not my habbit to have time to spend hours and hours at some coffee house,eating nice sweet,teas without errand to do,but last Saturday I spend my afternoon(a couple hours)relaxing at Paper Spoon (Yes!Paper spoon again!),Walking around the area,Talking with my friends (Mr.Bear event sit back and have his ice coffee with me for a while too!).

It was the great weekend ever for me.I always have to work so hard on weekend and I cannot remember when was the last time I have time to ralax at coffee house.Have to Thanks Pam(the owner)to create Paper Spoon or elses I wil not try to find time to go outside my studio.

Now I have palce that I think I want to spend sometime there (beside my house and studio).
Tiny flowers are everywhere,The weather was warm on Saturday and ice coffee was the best! I am sure I will have more moment with Paper Spoon to share with you again.^^

Ps.Still working on Yujin's birthday party^^ I guess I have not busy enough!Ha ha

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winter project

Tomorrow I will be busy but today I have a lovely afternoon.

This morning I went to the market with my sister(MissMew).
We went to sewing tools shop and many hand made supplies shop.
MissMew love sewing tools(I love them too but I am more like a stationay person)
she might soon open her own Etsy shop....please wait and see(I am sure It will be cute)

Here what I have for myself.
The circle polka dot measurement tape is from Aenoi,its Cath Kidston,Thanks!
Talk to you girls more on Monday...weekend alway busy but still,I want to have a small talk
before I go to bed^^

Thursday, November 4, 2010


If there any parallel universe.I hope that me,who live in that universe can afford this jackets from Jill sander for Uniqlo ( +J ) and Thailand might be a very cold country,we might have snow or super cold day so in that universe me can wear this looked so warm jacket^^
How is your day?

Chiangmai(Thailand) getting cooler and finally it's cool enough to wear my new ankle boot and tight.It's cold but so warm in my heart.

My dearest friend,Aenoi has already started to make a plan for New Year gift.
I think I have to make a list too^^,It's so fun!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paper Spoon

Finally we ( Me,Riko,Oom and more) have a place to hang out,I mean,if we have time to hang out(ha ha).
Pam (my incredible older friend) has opened her own handmade/coffee shop,its called " Paper Spoon"
I went there with Oom the other day and it is so nice!!,cosy,comfry,lovely....I caanot find the word to explain how wonderful the place is.I feel like I can be there forever,just me and a book,also with her original Thai's ice tea ( time I will change it to be a hot coffee or tea beacuse right now it's too cold out there.)...Oh! Oh! Oh! and her handmade scone is the best!
I am sure that I will have more fun time to share with you,next time I be there^^