Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Balloon

If my head is a big(Actually,Giant!)balloon,
now its full with happy gas!!!

Remember I have told you about a tiny market
at Paper Spoon?,Yes!It was today and Yes!
it was very really tiny but its full of heart
(with lots of super cute things too,Ha Ha).

If you were there,you will hear nothing but people
laughing,talking and then,laughing again(and again and again)
When I was looked around me,I saw nothing but smiling face.
The best thing is I have new friends,Great,lovely,new friends.
I cannot thanks enough.

I am so happy!

It was very lovely sunny day and I am sure
I will carry this beautiful day with me to the next year.

Happy new year my girls :-D

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Grey morning,I thought today will be cold
but it turn out that it warmer than yesterday.

Found this paper binders the other days
and this bunch of flower picture in my old folder.

I feel for "Love actually" tonight,
What is your favourite hoilday movie?,my girls.

Monday, December 26, 2011

three tango

I don't know what this mean
or how does it can really work?
I don't even know where I heard about
"Three Tango" Do you girls have any idea?

Today,I feel "Words are really not enough"

I don't feel for working but tomorrow
I will I will and I will,I promise.

Maybe because of the long holiday is coming?
or because of the weather?

My friend's shop have a good business today
and I am thinking about mine.

Watching "Restless" alone while I have my dinner
and I feel sad,maybe because Mr.bear not here with me.
I hate when he has to be far from me.

hope you girls had a joyful greeting coming season.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Almost christmas,
Even I am Buddhist but Christmas has something special to me too.

It's really cold at night right now.
Mr.Bear bought me two pairs of new sock.
They are grey and red,and I don't know why I tell you girls this,Ha Ha

New masking tapes.
I have so many and now I don't know where to keep them :-(
Do you have any good idea?

Will dream about a sunny day and wish
I will smile a lot tomorrow,Good night girls.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

seki mihoko

Finally this die cut stickers are mine!Yay!
Aenoi gave them to me as a favor or maybe
just because we love each other,Ha Ha
I am not sure that I have a heart to cut it.
(Seki Mihoko+classiky)

Have you ever need to force yourself to get out of bed?

In the winter morning when you are underneath the super warm blanket.
You are not sure that the light you see is real or you are just dreaming.
It's happen to me a lot lately...I am not sure that I need to get up.

I have a super nice day,today.
After busy month,finally,I have time to sit with my friends,
talk and laugh :-D

We will have a tiny market to sell what we don't want
but it might be needed by someone at Paper Spoon(coffee shop)
on 30th December,I still have no idea what I will sell
because....I don't think I have what I don't want,Ha Ha

Stay warm and have a cup of hot rice tea.
Sleep early and just hope tomorrow is a nice day.
good night girls.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


" I don't mind if you forget me"
Have you ever heard about this book
by Nara Yoshitomo?
The title sounded so lonely but somehow I do love it.

I have made this couple robot for sale at Farmer's market
and now, hey are sitting at Kit-bit-s.
( I found them at miekewillems 's blog and I hope
they don't mind that I remake them,if they from someone's design
I will not sell them and keep them myself)

After stay still for a few days(do nothing but cleaned my house and read)
I think I will make myself busy again tomorrow.

how are you girls?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

little and big

It's so good to be home after long trip!
I will stay home and never leave my couch for a full day.

if you have Facebook please 'like' us here to see
the photo of our shop at Martha Stewart Farmer's Market.

I have so many ideas for my shop after this fair
and will make them soon.

How you girls doing?
Good night.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Did I tell you girls that I have learn how to use "CorelDRAW"
from Mr.Bear's friend? He is a computer geek and also a baker!
His house is a small convenience store and there
I found these super cute notepad!!!

He told me where I can find old stationery in my city.
Unforunately that I will not have free time until
after 14th December!! :-(

Only 4 days left!!!
I wish I have 4 hands and 2 heads ( HA HA HA)
or if I have twin it would be the best!!!

Wish you girls have less complicated and slower life than mine.