Monday, July 26, 2010

Can't live without

My nose addicted to the smell of this L'occitane's hand cream and my lip alway asking for Kiehl's lip balm (sometime Bodyshop's VitaminE lip Balm).

Every morning(lately),when I prepare to open my shop I will start my day with Maroon5's(It won't be soon before long)....I am sure I will change the song one day but not tomorrow for sure.

I cannot live without this pocket full of my medication and the backup battery for my dear camera(Ricoh Gx200).

I will not stop and shop anything for Mr.Bear if I don't have this measurement tape.

I always love to see what people carry around in their bag^^

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cat person

At kit-bit-s,three of us consider ourselves "cat person".I love dog too(Who will not?They are so adorable.) but if I have to choose I perfer to live with cat^^ I am waitting to have my own cat again one day.
Mr.Bear have two dogs so now I live with this two funny dogs! I will take some pictures of them to show you one day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The other day, I have friend waitting for me at kit-bit-s's door^^(she flew alway when I start clean window).It's strange that sometime a little small thing can make your day a little brighter,maybe just a little smile in the morning will make your day is a better day so,guys,don't forget to smile (even just to yourself in the mirror)^^

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I always love nautical,blue and white(sometime with a little red on),stripe and sailor collar always make my heart melt(ha ha).

Last Sunday,it's rainning too hard and I soaking wet because I have to run around my house,closed window and moved eveything aways from window.

Yesterday,I caught cold,have to take more pills,I hate pills-_-

sometime with this lots and lots of medication,I wonder what will happen to my body in next 10 years?but I cannot stop.I try to have more excercise,peoples said that it will help^^

Tomorrow will be Mr.Bear's birthday^^,we plan to have a lot of fun togerther!!It's so perfect because tomorrow is a holiday for both of us!!!wish you guys have a nice day^^
Ps. Both tank avaliable at Pattern Parade

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I cannot remember where I get this can but I can remember that when I was a girl,we use to see this kind of can everywhere in the market.I wonder where they go now?

Miss Game bought me a set of manga called " Nodame cantabile " I watched the series before but never read the manga.When I finish the books,I know that why the series was so popular! the music,the peoples! they are alive!!! She told my sister that actually the story go on with more books!!!!I cannot wait to read more!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Farm Girl

This plaid blouse is super soft and comfortable! I do love Japanese cotton,it's so soft!!!

I love lilly Allen,british accent is so adorable.^^
Ps.This blouse also avaliable in another color @ Pattern Parade

Thursday, July 8, 2010

more delicious

I think nice spoon or lovely bowl(plate/fork...etc.) always made the food more delicious and made me feel brighter!

I have this super lovely mini bowl and wooden handle set from "Daizo" or you might know it as 100Yen shop.I love to stop there all the time!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

running rubber

can't take my eye of this super cute think they can run?


we sell them in set at our shop

Monday, July 5, 2010

All about Lace

หุ หุ collectionใหม่ของPattern Paradeน่ารักซะจนเจ้าของร้านสามคนอยากจะซื้อของร้านตัวเองไปหมด!(ก็นะเลือกมาเอง ของที่เอามาก็คืออยากได้อยากใส่เองทั้งนั้น)เห็นว่าเสาร์-อาทิตย์ที่ผ่านมาขายไปได้พอสมควร สาวๆขยันมาซื้อกันหน่อยนะคะ (Pleaseeee!!)เผื่อถ้าของไปเร็วคุณkeeteeจะได้เอาของเข้าร้านบ่อยขึ้น(ตอนนี้เอาเข้าร้านทุกวันอาทิตย์เนอะ ถ้าของไปเร็วคุยๆกับน้องmewว่าอาจจะเอามาเพิ่มอีกครั้งวันพุธ,ดีไม๊คะ?)ตอนนี้เห็นกระโปรงยาว/ลูกไม้/Maxi dressกำลังเทรนด์ Maxi dressไม่เข้าตาคุณkeetee(แต่ก็เอามาตัวที่คิดว่าชอบ..อีกล่ะ)เลยเอามาไม่เยอะยังไงลองเข้ามาลองกันคะ เพราะเสื้อแต่งลูกไม้+กั๊กลูกไม้น่ารักมากๆ โดยเฉพาะกั๊กลูกไม้ตัวนี้แสนจะสารพัดประโยชน์ ใส่คลุมdressสายเดี่ยว/เกาะอก หรือใส่ทับเสื้อแขนพองดูเป็นสาวHippieก็แสนจะเหมาะ ท่อนล่างจะเป็นขาสั้น กระโปรงยาว กางเกงHarem หรือยีนส์เดป(ซึ่งคุณkeeteeเก็บเข้ากรุรอฤดูหนาวไปเรียบร้อย)ก็เข้ากันได้ทุกชิ้น แวะเข้ามาจับจองกันได้เลยคะ^^

วันก่อนดู "martha"แพทย์ผิวหนังประจำตัวเธอบอกว่าแสงแดดเป็นสิ่งที่อันตรายต่อผิวมากที่สุด!!(ใครๆก็รู้แต่เธอพูดซะน่ากลัว)เพราะงั้น อย่าลืมsun screenทุกวันนะคะสาวๆ

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

This summer nothing sweeter than lace and at Pattern Parade we stock a lot of lovely lace items.I do falling for this lace vest as I think you can match it with your favourite maxi dress or tube dress,short jeans or bohemain skirt also will look lovely with this vest.

I watch "Martha" on the other day and her dematologist said that the sun is the most dangerouse for you skin!!(I think everybody has already known...but it's sound terrible when it's come from dematologist's mouth!-__-;)so girls!lots and lots of sun screen,don't forget!^^
tank with lace: 490 Baht
Lace vest : 490 Baht
more detail or order pls contact us:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

vintage trip

As I told you guys that I had a trip to Bangkok and a date with my brother(ha ha,and my little sister too/Not Noo.Lek,I have a lovely girl as my cousin,she is my another sister^^).We went to a night vintage market.Where people sell vintage clothe,toys,cars! and so many things.I was so exciting and feel like no enough money in my pocket because I want eveything!!!

This rabbit family,My little sister saw them first and I want them in sudden! and now I place them at Kit-bit-s's window display.You can visit them there^^