Thursday, September 29, 2011

1st flooding

My house surrounded by the water now!
Guess the water will come in to my house tonight.
( Even,I am so not welcome them!!!)

I try to picture my happy hour to fight with
the uncomfortable which come soon :-(

My truck park on the super highway and I walk through
the water to get into my house so now I cannot get out.

Let's hope the water change their mind and don't come in!!
so I can sleep dry!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

milk carton

I think milk carton is the cutest box shape ever!

Outside the window,Sunshine really strong but in the same time
its rainning really hard!What happen?

I think these couple key chains might come with candy
or sweet? Have no idea what its say.
( light me up if you know,Thanks)

Mr.Bear always said that I carry too much keys with me.
( "like a janitor"he said -*- )

How many key you girl have with you? in your key chain.

Friday, September 23, 2011

paper bag

Kraft paper bag alway my favourite item!
( Well,one of my all time favourite as I have too many favourite items)

I have some girly time with my friend last Tuseday.
We went to the thieve shop(vintage shop,second hand shop
used shop,whatever you called)and look to every part of the shop.

My friend want to buy a table but end up with old plastic box
and a rusty enamel bowl(she said that she will plant some green
on that bowl),ME? I want 2 vintage wooden stool which I saw
at my friend's guest house but they don't have it anymore
so I came home with lot and lots of plate and 10 of
this old dusty kraft paper bag!

Cannot stop shopping,Bad habbit!
Don't know what to do this them
but...I cannot come home without it.HA HA

Really,I do really want to spend more time with you girls here
but lots of thing happen around me( fast and blur) so
I will try best to talk to you as often as I can!Promise.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

busy sunday

Really need to sleep now.

Did I show off my birthday's garland from Hand room?
P.Nok gave it to me and now it hanging over my studio door.

Meet many lovely people today,
quite a nice day for me.
How about you girls?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Cannot believe that time could fly this fast!

I came home since Sunday but works and errands
waitting for me instead of long rest so I have to
stick to what I have to,
Anyway,How are you?

My lovely friend will open a small shop
at " Artist Market" on early next month so
I try to help her as much as I can,also I am thinking
about what I can make to sell there too....

Do you have any idea? I am thinking about a fabric tote,
polka dot fabric with my drawing on it..ummm..I have sketched
them and they look great on paper,will make a block and
buy some fabric in next few days.

From the trip,I bought new toys to fill in my shop.
These cute alphabet with animal character plastic toys
make my heart skip a beat when I first saw them,Ha Ha

Will back online often as normal soon.
miss you girls!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Can't believe that my life can be this busy!
Last few weeks I still have time to drew some
pictures for my sweet friend ( you like it?)
but today( and last week)all I want to do is lay still
and do nothing!!!

Anyway,My dearest friend waitting for my e-mail
and some of them love to hear from me by postcards
so I think I should update some here too.

Wish you girls have better slow life,
I cannot have any fast food lately
because it will remind me of my fast life!!!

Have a trip next week,busy week again?
NOOOOOO!!! I need to get out of this circle!!!
:-) ,just laugh to all works I have to do,ok?