Wednesday, December 12, 2012

cute little love message and a surprise gift make me forget all my problem.
(even just for a second,I do grateful)

Season of sock and knit blanket finally come to my town!

Addicted to an ice cream bar, I have one after dinner everyday.
Try to stop this bad habit!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Father's day

This Friday is a big day!

if you are in Chiang Mai ,don't forget to stop by at "paper spoon"
we have a small flea market there.

I will open a tiny shop full of scrap fabrics, washi tape (New and used),
handmade wood tags,used magazines ...and more!

Father's day,Today.
Stay close to my dad all day :))

+ + this bag and these cute flower will available at Kit-Bit-s soon.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mina Perhonen X MT

I know that you love Mina perhonen,
I do fall in love with this brand too and when I heard that
his works are on washi tape,I almost hunt them down.

Here is a part of what I have and I will have them in my shop too.
(Hope you girls stop by ^_^)

My town will soon full of tourist.
I will stay close to home,
stock tons of food and hope that I don't have to go outside.

hope you girls have a better day.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Stay at home today and feel a little sick of heat,
I don't want to complain but I really want to feel a little of coolness of winter (please)

My friend want to change her job but still don't know what she like.
It's pretty hard when I do what I like but I don't get a lot of money from it so
maybe I am not the one who can give people an advice about job ( ha ha)

I start to update our ( me and my sisters) shop page again here:
don'e forget to stop by :))

+ + + a bag from Ryan's town
+ + + Just love the color or this label!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


For a while that I have to pack because I have to
not really enjoy packing as I use to be,
but now I can have time and can make things that I love again :))

Remember this super cute animal comb?
They are back to my shop again (Hooray!)
This time with a little neon style,make them more kitsch and retro!

Another news is Kit-Bit-S will have
japanese washi tape to sell online too! ( we will begin selling them next month )

Really really try hard to sleep and wake up early.
It might be my resolution for next year!
( but I do hope I can do it within a week or so ( ha ha ))

Saturday, October 13, 2012

little birdie say .....

Sometime I think,I think too much
and my friend told me that I always do too many thing in one time.
I am tried and get sick too often.

Too many stranger and too many medicine make me ill.

But this weekend,I feel so much better
( I am so grateful that I have a great friend)
Feel better enough to focus on new item for my shop
and I will make an envelope set for my friend's page too.

I am so exciting! >_<

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Just one hour left for Sunday.
I wish Monday decide to come late this week,
so I can have more hour to work!!! T^T

I thought after long hours working,packing,yesterday.
I will have a nice peaceful night but still,I have tons of things to do
before tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck girls,
( I really can use some tonight.)

+ + + + +
A package from Ryan's Town
and my new favourite Mt tape set!


Yesterday,I finished all my work sooner than I expected,
when I went to the post office.It was rain and I carry 3 big bags full of boxes
so I thought I will drop them at the door and ask the security guard watched them
for me when I parked my truck and the parking lot.

Surprise me,when he allowed me to park at the front for a while.
( I forgot to tell you that I use the post office inside the airport
so the area near the front door is not allowed to parked,just for drop off)
It's start raining harder and I feel really really grateful!!!
Unfortunately,I don't have a chance to say Thanks to him again
when I am back to my car.

I got a lot of stressed lately but yesterday good things happened
and everything seem to be okay again.

If I feel down next time,I will sure try to remember today :)

Good night girls,tomorrow will be another better day.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
Finally I got my Mina Perhonen X mt tapes! ( I use it for littleandbig package now)
and this adorable heart breaking bunny doily handmade from a lovely girl
who I met only online.(can't believe she done this for me!I love it too much)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

basket hunting

Little and Big need new basket for the next pop up shop,so!
Today is Basket Hunting day!!

My mother almost need to drag me out of the shop because I can stay there forever!
too many lovely trays,too many adorable little basket and oh! those chairs.
They have a rocking chair made from rattan too!

It's a lovely Sunday and I did have a great time with my mom.

Tomorrow I will back to my busy hour
but at least to day I feel my life walk a little slower than any other days in past weeks.

Hope you girls have fun things to do on Monday!
Good night:)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

from Yesterday

I used to go to flea market every Monday and Tuesday,
to buy our Dinner and hunted old toy.
I don't know why we cannot do that anymore?

I know,Time fly but why it fly faster?

"Blue Moon" ,last night.

Early finish all job,Tonight.
Let's enjoy a nice early sleep ^^

I will hunting for a nice basket with my mother tomorrow,Yay!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

half week

I have never thought that weekend will mean so much to me
but now I start to count the date to this weekend (and already waiting for the next!).

I stop trying to sleep before midnight,
simply reason I stop trying because I just can't.
Keep trying and pushing myself so hard it's make me stress
so !!! I just sleep when I can :))

Even I am so tried I still feel so happy and lucky.
I do hope you girl feel the same with whatever you do now.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This little "Blanche" just arrive and we are best friend already.

Sometime I think I do understand why little girl like to have a little doll around.
For me when I concentrate hard on my job,
some moment I just rest my eye on little friend I have
and I can smile,then everything seem to be lighter and easier:)

Another long day! Finally,I can go to bed.
Good night girls,let's have some lovely bunnies dream.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I'm back.
I miss my blog and this little peace space!

Finally I have a moment to come back here and
talk about birds and bees (some say that I like to talk most about it )

Found all curtain handmade by owner with all flowers and dots fabric
in this little old house at Prayoa ( a small town in northern Thailand)

I took a lot of photo today,miss my blog so much,
here I am and will always be here from now!

Have to back to work now :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


again,I am so enjoy packing items to my customer.

From my latest trip,I bought this lovely vintage diecut sticker
from an adorable stationary shop.
Now they are going to around the world with packages.

It's so hard try to explained things
to someone, whose heart don't want to listen.

Got new rose tea,will sleep with the smell of roses.
Good night,girls.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st Sunday

Wish us have a bright blue sky.

Got excited every time littleandbig has new tape!
Got gastritis T_T , maybe no coffee for a while,until getting better.

Monday will come soon.
let's enjoy July 1st Monday before it gone!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Time fly

A week passed like a wink.

Today,I finished my work early and have a lovely time
went to buy some cakes with my sister,
also have a nice talked with my old friend.

Found a lovely place called " Fat Cat Coffee Shop"

Tomorrow will be my holiday:)
Have a nice Friday night,my girls,
and wish we have a lovely Saturday.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

* * *

Today is my book's day!

I checked mail only this morning,
(Okay,again just about 10 mins ago...Have to!)
then Mr.Bear treat me with my favourite lemon pie
and now,stop reading a bit to write this post,
then I'll back to the most comfortable couch in the world,
read until sunset!

Took photos of this matchbox sticker before gave them
as thank you gift for "littleandbig"'s customer.

Let's have a lovely weekend :))

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I hate the word " busy " but it's seem like I am too busy,right now!
But one of my friend called me ' busy Bunny' ... I kinda like it :)

Have almost 10 books waiting for me to read,
A friend who happen to have a lot of time,lately.
He always waiting for me to reply his texts,sorry,I have tried my best!!!

I let my tea get cold before I finish
because I am too busy to take a sip.

Just stop by to say "BUSY" (Ha Ha)
and wish you girls have a good night sleep :-)
Good night!

Friday, June 15, 2012

a cup?

A cup of tea?
I can stop just one,especially when I need to be home
and work for a very long hour.

Nope!This cup not mine but I took this picture
when I went to a lovely restaurant in ChiangRai.
There,I can pretended that I am a sweet woman for a day ;)

Let's have a nice afternoon work day!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I received this wheel from a nice couple,
It's so strange that they know me very well
even we have met only one time,HA HA
because everything they wrote...all can describe me in words.

Do you believe in ghost?
2 of my very best friend experienced strange things,recently.
and even I am not really believe in supernatural stuff
their story so scary!!!!

Better sleep earlier,girls.
maybe we shouldn't turn off the light tonight! *_*

Monday, June 11, 2012

sky is blue

It's so strange that one person can made a huge impact to another
and sometime nothing better than a good meal with a good talk.

Lots of things in my head,nothing include me but
it's hard to forget.Especially from people who I do care.

Wish tomorrow we will have a clear blue sky :-)

+ + Postcards and ribbon set came with love to my front door.+ +

Sunday, June 10, 2012

. . . .

I've got more beautiful papers to collect,today.
Some papers say ' Thank you '
Some say ' love ' or ' miss you '
I wonder what the next paper will say? :-))

I have eternity "Things to do " list!
It will take a life time to finish.

A day with my friends in Bangkok made everything
lighter and brighter....cannot remember when I have
such a great laugh like I had on that day.

Light off and Good Night.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

bunny hunter

All my friends are travelers!

They love travel as much as they love cute things
and every time they far from home one thing made me
know that they all thinking about me is
sent me back tons of bunny pictures or
bought me things with rabbit on.

"Thank you" is too small word.

Went to the market and bought lots and lots
of different kind of string,
will use them for Kit.Bit.S.Shop 's package.

Wish you girls have a lovely weekend:))

Thursday, May 31, 2012

never without three

Have you ever heard
" Jamais dleux sans trois"?
or " Never two without three"
My French friend told me whiles ago.

Somehow I thinking about these three best friends,
they sit still in my cupboard,
wonder what have they been talking after all these years.

Curious what they put in their Lemon Cheese Bar!
I always craving for it!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


it's noon and I already had 2 cups of coffee.
(One hot and one with ice)
Go out and found that we surrounded by cotton candy white cloud
Guess rain will come this evening.

It's hard to open my eyes when my sinus is swollen.
Cannot live without (TWG's) vanilla tea.

even I felt so sleepy but I couldn't sleep!
don't know why:-(

(+ + Photos from my latest trip to ChiangRai )

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Working at Kit-bit-s
(Yep!It's my turn again)

Aenoi gave me this airmail washi tape and
I still kept it in my treasure box as I cannot
make up my mind...use it or keep it.

Soon we will have hand weaving cotton table cloth
to sell at my shop.I found people who make it on
the trip to ChiangRai.The colors are from nature too.
From root,leaf or even from dirt!

My life is so back on track right now,
I just hope that no surprise thing happen soon.
Sometime I just hate surprises.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


My holiday weekend was end.
Eating lots and lots of sweet and delicious food,
Shopping pottery and sight seeing.

After I came back,I was working really hard but
good thing is I am so tried and sleep so early.

New project come up!,working on it now.
Cannot believe I had time to hang out at coffee shop!!
I missed my holiday already :-))

Thinking about planting Hydrangea,
blue and pink,They will be perfect for the rain.