Tuesday, November 1, 2011

from her to me

Aenoi went to Japan last month and she brought me these.
Postcards,flypapers,paper bags,cute scrap papers,
all cute paper goods made me super happy!

I think the best Souvenir are these papers,don't you think?
They made us known what our friend went to and made us know
that they thinking of us :-)
Super nice.

flood in Bangkok get worse everyday.
I hope the water go through Bangkok quick.

One of my best friend cannot get into her house since last month.
She is the early victim of the flood,now,she is looking
for a place to stay,too bad that her company still open
and she need to go to work so
she has to find a place near her work place :-(

Not just Thailand,you know?
Climate getting worse everyday!all around the world.
I wish where you girls live have nothing bad happen.


lina said...

i love getting papers too! i have a pen pal in england & she asked me what i would like her to send me & i told her paper! hehe. it is a simple thing that makes me happy.

it makes me so sad about bangkok. i am lucky where i live & do not experience extreme natural disasters. i hope things get better soon, especially for your friend.

also, i am not sure why you are having trouble commenting :( i'm sorry! i wish i knew how to fix it...

keetee said...

Umm,It's said that my account cannot access to yours,maybe,the privacy setting thing? I have this problem even with my friend's blog too...Oh!actually its easy,why I am not thinking about this before.well,I will talk to her and see if she can fix it or do something,then I will let you know,ok?

keetee said...

Oh!and you know what??I do love Pride And Prejudice too!I love this coincidental:-)

lina said...

ok yes, let me know! & i will check out my privacy settings too.
yay for pride & prejudice : )

Little and Big said...

Glad u like it : )