Monday, August 30, 2010

King of Anything

Sara Bareilles always charming and her new single " King of anything" is now my wake up song^^ , Mr.bear gave me Philips alarm clock (so I don't need to use his iphone as my alarm clock -_-) on my birthday and now I can wake up with my favourite song(how lovely).

Check out her MV ,she so adorable in this song.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Right now I am addicted to "hawaiian bread with rasin" from Yamasaki ,I will toast it with super milky bread and with a cup of tea,my breakfast is compleat!....YUM!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

another year

Last Sunday was my birthday ( happy birthday to me^^)
Love is all around^^ Lovely text and warm phone called.

Here is some of the surprise gift from my dear friends and family.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Frankie Frankie and Frankie

I will leave you guys with some of my favourite pages from Frankie.
(They have oversea subscribe too!,I have to think about it)

I'm off for busy weekend(again) and we might meet again on Monday.
Let's have a nice weekend^^,Drink a lot of water and have enough sleep...I have never do it before!(ha ha)
Ps.This weekend very special!I will talk to you about it later!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 little bears

We(me and my sister) went to "FAI" ( bakery shop) one morning to bought something to drink and eat and what I didn't expecting there was this super cute pen! well,I have no idea that you can buy a cool stationary at a coffee shop too,how amazing it is,right?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cups lover

My friend (who also my dentist!,ha ha)just went to Pai.

She bought me this super lovely souvenir ever!,It's from a coffee shop called "All about coffee".She told me that all cups in this mini book are the owner's cups.They draw the picture of all cups they have ...very lovely,especially for who love tea/coffee cups as much as I am.

I alway think that one problem,one big problem in my country is people don't create unique souvenir....everywhere in Thailand you can buy the same piece of souvenir,wood elephant,hill tribe necklace,same design silverware...same old same old everywhere you go,so,when I got this little book from my friend.I have hope,the hope that some people have a heart to create things ...thing that they put the thing that they like about where they are and share it by create a very unique pieces souvenir so when tourist(sometime,It's Me) bought it ,they can take it home and enjoy it eveytime they look at it and remember the places that they have go.

So,what is so special in your town,your city?What you love most about your home?

Monday, August 16, 2010


I feel so busy (physical and in my head)!!!!

I try to searching for new inspiration from new places,I feel that I didn't read a book for a while.
My days around/with my computer all the time and I miss my life offline.
My really lovely friend ( under the ribbon) just send me a book.I saw this book everytime I went to the book store and I never ever pick it up ( I just don't think I like the cover) but as people say "you cannot judge the book from its cover" .It's true!!! becasue once I start to read this book,I addicted to it!,I want to know more ,What will going to happen and I feel great that I don't have to read anything from computer screen for a little while.

This happen once,Khun Game(another too lovely lady) bought me a book about Tea,I love tea,I have to drink a cup of coffee after lunch but I cannot live without (many) cups of tea after dinner and before I go to bed! this book is ...amazing! now,I know a lot about what I love to drink.

I will never understand if anyone don't like polka dot and gingham so if you don't like any of both please tell me why?,(well,I guess no one will answer this question,Isn't it?)

PS.I just add this set of gingham cloth on my Etsy's shop ,hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 9, 2010


We have cats around the house,most I bought to please Miss Mew^^ I love to see her smile when she recieve a "surprise gift" from me.

She place them everywhere!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

APC madras

I always love APC , It's simple and you can wear every pieces forever!

Sometime,I have a moment to talk to people who purchased from my shop and they always love the brands taht I love too ( APC, Build by wendy ,Mina perhonen,....and much more) we can talk about almost eveything,it's so excitting and surprised!

Check,gingham,plaid,polka dot,stripe....forever!!!

PS.This quite an old collection but here we still have sun and shorts still need everyday so girls if you love to see APC F/W check out their website here