Friday, November 30, 2012

Stay at home today and feel a little sick of heat,
I don't want to complain but I really want to feel a little of coolness of winter (please)

My friend want to change her job but still don't know what she like.
It's pretty hard when I do what I like but I don't get a lot of money from it so
maybe I am not the one who can give people an advice about job ( ha ha)

I start to update our ( me and my sisters) shop page again here:
don'e forget to stop by :))

+ + + a bag from Ryan's town
+ + + Just love the color or this label!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


For a while that I have to pack because I have to
not really enjoy packing as I use to be,
but now I can have time and can make things that I love again :))

Remember this super cute animal comb?
They are back to my shop again (Hooray!)
This time with a little neon style,make them more kitsch and retro!

Another news is Kit-Bit-S will have
japanese washi tape to sell online too! ( we will begin selling them next month )

Really really try hard to sleep and wake up early.
It might be my resolution for next year!
( but I do hope I can do it within a week or so ( ha ha ))