Sunday, February 27, 2011

Golden tree

It's time for them to fall.
We have 3 golden trees in front of our house.
I guess normally autumn come before winter but here
,in Thailand,after winter we have autumn.
I mean it! All the leaf will fall and summer will come,
also my golden tree ,they fall like a yellow rain all over my front yard.

Cool wind come through my window right now,I guess
the rain will falling soon.Thailand will cover with hot wind
and all day sunny again.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I love snail mail (not just the word but the way of it too).
So many people involve to send a package/feeling from one person to another.
Isn't it romantic?
I feel so excitting everytime I find my inbox full with a box
or a letter have my name on it!
I love the part "Brown paper packages tied up with strings"
because it's actually my favourite thing.

The package have face/inspired by Hello Sandwich.
I love her idea.
the big blue rose box was from Aenoi.
she will send you a lovely box too if you buy things from her HERE)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

after lunch coffee

I love the drawing of coffee.
I saw them at Starbuck too(from many artist)
and now I saw this menu at coffee shop corner at the airport.
I think I can smell the coffee just look into the picture.
This is how I felt when I read Aenoi talked about the chocolate kit.
...I don't know how to explain you should go to Under The Ribbon
and you will understand what I mean ;-)

I have to have a cup of coffee after luch
(either hot latte or ice coffee work for me)
and cups of tea after dinner.
////sleepy afternoon,I want to have a nap -_-........

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little and big

I love the word " small little thing"
and now my favourite will go for " Little and big "
as Aenoi's shop is "Little and big shop" :-)
I just took a little walk (as online,Ha Ha) into her shop
and there's so many and many lovely/cute/useful items.
Here is her shop officially here: Little and big

Lately,She just sent me a box of Annie's Bunny Graham cookie?
It's cookie or cereal?,I think it's not so tasty for me na Aenoi
but It's super cute,Ha Ha

Monday, February 21, 2011

a little bit

A little new toy I am working on this weekend
to add them to my Etsy's shop.

Aenoi told me that she will change her house to a shop.
She got a lot of enamelware from someone/somewhere
and she want to sell them! ( I do love to be her customer!)
I know that they will be super cute because Aenoi alway
has a great taste in cute things!!!!

Watch out girls,she told me she gonna sell them on her blog:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

colors around weekend

How were your Valentines?
I caught Mr.Bear try to buy me a white rose but
finally he gave me a super nice tea cup!
( It's ways better than a rose!!!)

Last weekend I spent all Sunday working on
My mother help me organized my baker twine.
We spent all Sunday working with each other,I love the moment.
I found this flower plastic plates and mini funnel when
I went to the market with Miss Mew,Super cute,don't you think?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You can find me here

This is the first time I have spend hours at coffee shop.
It's more like spending time at your friend's house.
I will show you later what I have made^^

I am reading Jeffery Deaver:The Empty Chair,right now.
I love The Licoln Rhyme Series,Licoln is amazing!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

free time

(Chinese)New year passed
and I gain more weight because of
eat too much New Year Sweet (HA HA)

We have new girl helping at "Pattern Parade"
I hope she stay with us long,so I can spend as much time
as I like to find/make new thing for Kit-bit-s.
(Also for my Etsy's shop)
I have read from many blogger,also watched news.
The weather around the world seem crazy,
Don't know how long we can stay here peaceful.
I wish you all have a good night ^^

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I just finish making new item for my garden,
It's a good beginning for this year(chinese year),right?
Work hard and hope that things I make can sell(HA HA)

My friend went to Bangkok to find a job,
Sometime I think it's so hard to find the job(money).
I live in small city (when I mean small it's mean
you know almost,her friend is my sister,her sister
is my friend's friend and that's guy girlfriend know the girl
who open the shop next to me!....things like this happen all the time)

It's hard to find a job with a lot of money and
it's so hard to start a new business here where only small group of people
around here to spend the money.
My friend went to Bangkok,I hope she get the job that she want.

Happy New year girls (yesterday is the last day of the year,my mom told me)
We(Me +my sisters +my dearest mother) spent a great time together
it's hard to find time like that when you getting older...we have job to do
and less holiday.I wish that I can spend more and more time with my mom.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year Eve

Tomorrow will be Chinese New Year.
We prepare so much food and clean every inch of our house.
I have to confess that I have not finish all organized my stuff (too much)
but I think I did what I can.(Best that I can!)

This afternoon is so quite,I have not talk to anyone yet.
Mr.Bear away again,he was not home for Christmas and nither for New Year.
(How sad I am -_-)
When he's not home I have two feeling.
1- 5% I feel happy that I own the whole bed room myself,I can do eveything
without him on my way! TV,Bed and everything inside the refrigerator.
2- 95% I don't want that big room for myself,I want him inside it!and I want
to eat everything inside the refrigerator with him -_-

I always lonely as I as when he's away!I hate his job sometime.
I guess I will spend a night at my mom on New year.