Sunday, September 16, 2012


Just one hour left for Sunday.
I wish Monday decide to come late this week,
so I can have more hour to work!!! T^T

I thought after long hours working,packing,yesterday.
I will have a nice peaceful night but still,I have tons of things to do
before tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck girls,
( I really can use some tonight.)

+ + + + +
A package from Ryan's Town
and my new favourite Mt tape set!


Yesterday,I finished all my work sooner than I expected,
when I went to the post office.It was rain and I carry 3 big bags full of boxes
so I thought I will drop them at the door and ask the security guard watched them
for me when I parked my truck and the parking lot.

Surprise me,when he allowed me to park at the front for a while.
( I forgot to tell you that I use the post office inside the airport
so the area near the front door is not allowed to parked,just for drop off)
It's start raining harder and I feel really really grateful!!!
Unfortunately,I don't have a chance to say Thanks to him again
when I am back to my car.

I got a lot of stressed lately but yesterday good things happened
and everything seem to be okay again.

If I feel down next time,I will sure try to remember today :)

Good night girls,tomorrow will be another better day.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
Finally I got my Mina Perhonen X mt tapes! ( I use it for littleandbig package now)
and this adorable heart breaking bunny doily handmade from a lovely girl
who I met only online.(can't believe she done this for me!I love it too much)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

basket hunting

Little and Big need new basket for the next pop up shop,so!
Today is Basket Hunting day!!

My mother almost need to drag me out of the shop because I can stay there forever!
too many lovely trays,too many adorable little basket and oh! those chairs.
They have a rocking chair made from rattan too!

It's a lovely Sunday and I did have a great time with my mom.

Tomorrow I will back to my busy hour
but at least to day I feel my life walk a little slower than any other days in past weeks.

Hope you girls have fun things to do on Monday!
Good night:)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

from Yesterday

I used to go to flea market every Monday and Tuesday,
to buy our Dinner and hunted old toy.
I don't know why we cannot do that anymore?

I know,Time fly but why it fly faster?

"Blue Moon" ,last night.

Early finish all job,Tonight.
Let's enjoy a nice early sleep ^^

I will hunting for a nice basket with my mother tomorrow,Yay!