Monday, May 30, 2011

Doll factory

Say hello to Monday!
Here is some sample of what I had from new space
called "hand room" at Paper Spoon.
( soon,I will add this needle set to my shop too )

Hand Room will be a small super cute kids shop.
All clothe will be handmade and made by Thai's cotton.
I wish I have a small girl in my house so I can buy her a shirt!

My studio is super HOT!
I cannot be there all day even I really want to.

Wish you all have a great work day!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Oom told me that cane sugar might help me sleep.
She said that when we sleep our body will need some sugar,
I wondering that this cookies also help? HA HA

Well,just to correct the information.
Cane sugar is good but others not!!
-_- will be lots of easier if
I can just eat a piece of this cookie and sleep!!!

Weekend will end soon.
Sleep tight my friends.

Friday, May 27, 2011


This welcome mat will welcome you to the new space
at Paper spoon !
Ok,I don't have the picture of their new spaces right now
as they will open next month but I am sure
that eveyone gonna love it!!!

Koong(Communista's owner)has a little girl,
we called her Na-Mo and this doll is her sister :-)

Yesterday I met friends and a lot of lovely people,
its make me feel so happy.

Anyway,I think my insomnia is better.
Thanks Lina,I think because of you...I mean I try to think/create
a story in my head and before the story end,I fell as sleep.
Many thanks(really!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

peko chan

Look how lucky I am!!!
I found this Peko chan figure at Monday flea Market.
Always love this character since I went to Japan last time.

There's a boy too,what his name?I cannot remember.

I have a real bad insomnia for weeks.
Anyone of you have any tip to help?Please Help me!

It's really bad,Hot milk cannot help,counting sheep?NO!
I even try to work really hard and think that exhausted might help
but it's not!ok,I cannot open my eyes as it's too heavy
but I still lay awake when my eye close.real bad!
Somebody HELP!
I am an inch close to ask my doctor for a sleeping pill.

Monday, May 23, 2011

the sun

Look how wonderful the sun made for this photo!
Everything so clear and so colorful!

Tonight,it might rainning as we have super hot day.

Oom called me yesterday,I miss her so much.
(Wish you hurry back home and make more beautiful bags!)

My friend just text me,told me that she feel so pessimistic today
and she wanna cry with no reason.
Sometime,I feel the same,maybe because of the hormone?
,maybe because we miss great time that it will never happen again.
Maybe...just lonely.

well,I suggest her that delicious dinner might help :-)
Good food always make me feel better.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Packing all morning.

I have cut my hair,by myself.
Mr.Bear and I think I done pretty good job
maybe,I don't need to go to hair salon anymore(HA HA)

How is your weekend,girls :-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

If you are living in the country where has 95%summer time,
I guess you cannot live without air conditiner.
Even sometime/someday in winter I need to open
air conditiner!

But!the best thing to live in the country with
too much sunshine.You don't need tumble dryer.
(except when it raining for 3-4days and no sun
I will thinking to buy a tumble dryer)

well,I cannot sleep with air conditiner when
I am alone at home.
I guess because it will be too much silent,
I cannot hear the sound outside the room,
I cannot smell the breeze,the night's,
so I bare with the heat rather than
sleep cool.

Mulberry?I saw a lot at Paper spoon!

Hooray! Mr.Bear will be home tonight!
Let's laugh with me!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am so envy!, Aenoi in Melbourne!

This afternoon I try to fix the floor in my bedroom.
I spent almost 4hours,until I feel I hurt my back so I stop.

Falling in love with mulberry flower right now.
( have so much possiblity in my head)

I will say this again and again and I will hate eveytime I say it
"Mr.Bear is not home again!"
I hate to find a dinner for myself and I hate to have the whole house for myself!
(well,Sometime I can handle this better but not this time!)

even I try to picture this beautiful flower ,I still feel so lonely
and I cannot even finish my book!I hate when Mr.B not home!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I took a lot of photos of my new product.
It's really really hot.The room I took the picture
is on the south so the sun shine directly to the room in the afternoon.
The light is so pretty.I can spend hours in that room.

One thing I can predict is,I know I have to see the doctor today
because last nigth my nose and my throat are really hurt.
I should know that I shouldn't stay in that room too long.
It's too hot for me -_-
and now I have to have double dose of my regular pill.

How is your Monday?
I will start my Monday tomorrow because
I have already pretent that today is still Sunday.
My headache told me that I cannot handle Monday,today.
(ANyway,It's buddhist holiday until wednesday)

Let's work hard and collect a lot of money!!!! HA HA

Saturday, May 14, 2011

after rainning

///Not sure what happened with my last post,
all comment dissappear -_-;///

I love mushroom ( Love to eat and watch).
This morning,after hard rainning last night,
I found this flower or mushroom?
It's so beautiful,don't you think so?
Luckily my dog didn't eat it before I found it( ha ha)!

It like a routine here in ChiangMai,
Super hot in half morning then dark cloud cover up the sky
and we will have dinner with rain.

How is your weekend?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Aenoi is a traveller!
She will go to Melbourne tomorrow and I am so envy!
Mr.Bear has plan to study there,cross my finger,I wish I will be there!

I am working on Kit-bit-s's new price tag right now.
Unbelieveable that we have our shop for almost 5 years.

I am start writting down everything I have purchased.
It's so surprise that I use a lot lots of money in a week!
I have to try( Super Hard) to cut down my expenses
or I will never have saving -_-

I feel the clock ticking too fast and never have enough time for work.

////Start to collect rubber for a while and now I have so many.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Air Mail

Don't you love airmail stripe?
blue red and white cannot be more perfect!

Sleepy day.
After I finish morning errand,
I am listening to "Lazy day"(Bruno Mars)
then I stop working and read until I sleep on my couch.

Just woke up and feel hungry( Ha Ha)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

clip clip

I love aluminium clip
and now I have so many shape!

I thought we have Summer here but
its rainning every evening so I am not so sure.

I have an e-mail from a friend of mine,
she invite me to write an article about:
" How to spend comfortably in hot season "
what do you think?

Actually,I have never thought about this before.
For me the cold water is the best!!
Sweets will make me more thirsty
and ice cream alway make my hand sticky!
I don't like to use sun umbralla,I prefer fabric hat.
Has to be fabric hat because I can tuck them in my bag :-)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not Yet

Almost Monday but not just yet.

Do you have a list?
A list for what you have to do on Monday.
I have so many thing to do tomorrow :-(
I hate driving and tomorrow I have to drive around
,do Monday errand,bank,post office and book store.

I've got the phone from the book store
and Frankie is arrive!Hooray!

//I have got this plastic bear from Daiso,
(100Yen shop in Thailand).Have to stop as often as I can.
You cannot know what you will find,right?