Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kindly words

My life pretty back to normal now.
Yesterday,My aunty came to help me clean my house
and today she complain a lot!! Ha Ha Ha

Compare to people whom their house sinking under the water
for months,my life is wonderful!

I have watch the news,they have no food,no clean water
or even the place to stay....only way I can help is send
my little money to help them in the heart that this small money
can be a part to make them live in better condition.

I took the picture of these cards yesterday,the one with the kitty
have stain maybe from water,its remind me of flooding so
maybe I can thinking about flooding better when I see this cute card?

rainning outside,start to feel a little cold wind.
what happen on your side of the world?
I wish for peace weather everywhere now.

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