Wednesday, October 26, 2011

flower or tea

Had this flower tea at paper spoon yesterday.

I went there to help making the shadow puppets.
They will go to Bangkok,make a show for sufferer from flood,
especially children there.

I wish I can do more.

Quiet afternoon,I am thinking about making more envelopes(again)

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Lovely gift from India.
Love them because They will remind me that
my friends have thinking of me while they in strange land:-)

I kind of thinking that my handwriting is look worse
than when I was a student.

Maybe because I do write less,just postcards,
thank you notes,letters...maybe not enough.
I am sure I need more practice.

Have you ever think that you don't have enough money?
Have you ever wondering where's all your money gone?
For me,I think I spent a lot in eating and "small little things"
( a lot of small little thing,actually.HA HA)

Keep remind myself stop buying things that don't have function.

Sometime I don't know what to choose,between
"work harder to get more money" or
"Buy less so I don't need more money"
What will you choose?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

book covered

Do you have so many cute paper/plastic bags
from shops you like or maybe just the shopping bag you like?
I do have many!

Lately,(As you might have already known)I use them to cover books.

You will never believe how embrarassing the cover of
romantic books are in Thailand!(stories are sometime good though)
you know? the flowers,blur graphics,kissing people,pink...
I don't know how to explain.

So! I decide to cover them by using these lovely cute paper.
I done them again,the other days.

Thailand have a real bad flood situation,right now.
My house was flooding only couple of days
but people in the middle part of Thailand are more suffer.
I watch the news this morning,Bangkok will flood too.

There will never have enough help.
I feel bad everytime I watch the news.

Hope you girls have a better day.

Friday, October 14, 2011


One thing lead to another.
I feel better this morning,
and from lina's comment,I feel brighten up,

Try (really hard) to move on.

people different and bad days happen all the time.

I do remember that lina told me that she made envelopes
from maps.I do love envelope from map but
unfortunately I have never found the right map
that I like :-( UNTIL! before I felt down,
I have found the road atlas by Rand McNally.
I have no idea who he is but this road atlas made
from matt paper and ...lovely feel good paper,
( I cannot explain how? but if you love paper/old paper
,kraft,I don't's good paper to make things,you know?)

I feel like this posting is my message to lina,Ha Ha

So,lina,I made envelopes from this road atlas too!,
what do you think? Your envelopes are like these?

I make envelope when I feel dull.
What keep you bright?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I am sitting in the dark side,right now.
( I might turn to be a darth vader in any minute!)

One thing I don't want to learn is
"even you try hard to make everyone happy,
it doesn't mean you will not get hurt"

It's like when you smile to a person,that person not just smile
back to you,he/she/they just pout at you and maybe in
his/her/their head wondering what's wrong with this woman!

in my case,this person is total stranger.

"What did I do wrong"
I kept thinking like this everyday in past 3 days

Nothing can cheer me up,I don't have package to pack
it's mean really,nothing can make me stray from this thought!
( so,well...I just show you my old package
which I do enjoy my goodtime pack them )

I wish someone just walk to me and tell me what's wrong
Sunny afternoon,I wish you girls have happier thought.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

ugly duckling

Have you even feel that you can be better!
Not like...richer,better looking or can do better work
but I mean be a better person.

Even when the worst people can do to you,you can still
think good to that person!to think that they/she/he have
a one good enough reason to do that bad to you.

well...I want to be that person.

Try hard to look eveything around me positive tonight.
I am so tried,my body want to rest but more than that
"my mind",thought and really rough week.

next week,well...I cannot hope for better but
I will try to be a person who keep thinkinh that
tomorrow will be a better day.

sweet dream my dear girls.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have created a picture album called " snail mail"
on my facebook account,which I don't have many friends
and also I am not really a facebook person but I do really
want to share you girls the packages,which I put all my heart
into it before I sent them to people around the world.

So,Here I am,once in a while I will add some picture of the package
I have packed to you,ok?

Anyway,I am really proud of this hanger,I think.....
it's the way you say " Kitsch" to something?
It's can look a little ugly for someone but it will look
adorable for someone too!(for me,this hanger is beautiful!)

what do think?

and the package?,I use the paper bag which one of my lovely
friend put my birthday present in it,then I have turned that paper bag
to paper wrap for one of my customer( I wish she like it :-))

My stomach sing a "hungry song"very loud,right now!
I think I must make it stop or anyone who stand or sit next to me
will hear the song too...I don't think my stomach have a nice sound,HA HA

This evening,What you girls will have for dinner?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kindly words

My life pretty back to normal now.
Yesterday,My aunty came to help me clean my house
and today she complain a lot!! Ha Ha Ha

Compare to people whom their house sinking under the water
for months,my life is wonderful!

I have watch the news,they have no food,no clean water
or even the place to stay....only way I can help is send
my little money to help them in the heart that this small money
can be a part to make them live in better condition.

I took the picture of these cards yesterday,the one with the kitty
have stain maybe from water,its remind me of flooding so
maybe I can thinking about flooding better when I see this cute card?

rainning outside,start to feel a little cold wind.
what happen on your side of the world?
I wish for peace weather everywhere now.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

dry food

one thing you need to do when you know you gonna
stuck in the house where surrounded by the water
is " pile up the dry food"
( well,when I write this post,my house turn to
normal condition now,thanks for all your support!)

Here is one of the dry food I had in my storage.
I have had this since early of September?
It was moon festival and I just love this so much.
I had it with a ginger tea while watching the water
flood over my living room floor...a little pleasure
in the middle of terrible environment.

anyway,news keep telling us not to be sure that
the water will not come again so everything in my house
still stand above the floor.

Tomorrow,I will back to work at my studio so
any of you who bought thing from my shop.
you can be sure that every package will send out to you
on Monday(3rd October)

Enjoy your sunny weekend,girls!