Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am a professional in Waitting.

I have to waitting for my parents to picked me up when
I was a little girl,waitting for my sister finished her class
when I was in high school(we have to go home together),
waitting for my friend get dress when I was in university,
waitting for my husband to take me out for dinner,
waitting for a bus,waitting for a plane......waitting.

You know? waitting,killing time.
That's why I always have a book with me.
even now I have an ipod,I still prefer to read a book.
My bag always over load by a thick big book.

I have to pick Mr.Bear up today from his trip
so I have 2-3 hours to waste or to enjoy my new book.
Yes,I start a new one again,still ,Harlan Coben :( Caught )

What kind of the book you like most?
I can read all kind,Aenoi just introduce me
to the world of "Romance" and I enjoy them a lot( Really)
some good,some bad but I think I like it.

weekend coming closer and closer.
///I rest my eye for a while and took these pictures
@paper spoon(my favourite place now)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pink and blue

When I was young,Pink was alway for my little sister
and blue was for me.

I still think that Pink is not for me.

I have almost forget about this bear!
I found he is standing in the box on my sister's desk
and,well,I know this pencil bag is too young and too cute for me
but how could I resist? The rabbit,the lace print?,
maybe I will not use it but just look at it and smile
when I have a very bad day.

Today Mr.Bear is home but he will leave again tomorrow.
Have you ever have this feeling?
It's like ..." lonely freedom"?
Feel good to be alone but still lonely?

Wish it not rainning tomorrow :-(

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Trip

WhatI love and hate when I am on a flight.

I do love when the plane about to leave the ground.
Have you ever ride in very very fast car?
I feel the same except this is fater!
it will go faster,faster and faster until it cannot
be faster,it fly!

But it terrible feeling when the plane decide
to leave the sky and plant on the ground.
I hate when the plane landed not smooth.
I feel like I might crash!Its really bad feeling.
(Sometime in bad weather,I will almost pray!)

Maroon5 is the best!
I had a real bad sore throat right now
because I was shout a lot :-(

I have never ever thought that go to Bangkok
can be my holiday or relax but this time I can say that
I want to go there more often.

Thanks to my friend to show me slow side of the city
( or maybe we were so relax and slower than everything

My eyes alway catch on rabbits,I guess eater passed?

/// Photos from Vanilla Garden,great sweets!
I wish that I can eat more :-)

Friday, April 22, 2011


Not just today but please
do not forget your shopping bag
( just try to reduce one plastic bag),
your tumbler ( reduce a plastic/paper coffee cup)
before you leave your house

and if you have a chance to grow a tree
( we need more O2,Don't you think so?),
grow a green every chance you have :-)

Wish our planet calm for a day.

Maroon5 will be here in Thailand,tomorrow.
I will be there wherever they are,tomorrow :-)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I never thought that Thailand has Spring.
We are 3 seasons country,Summer,rainny and winter
but "Spring" is sound so romantic,so fresh....
sometime I want to think that we have spring too.
When the leave fresh green,
I will think we are in Spring now.

I use a new brooch today,
it's really brighten up my day,somehow.

////Maroon5's concert,just in next 3 days,can't wait!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

too bright

Outside,people have the water fighting for the last day.
The holiday still continuos,
most peopel will start working again on Monday 18th
but I will open Kit-bit-s tomorrow.

I have to go out for morming coffee,groceries
and lunch,the sun ways too bright,
I feel like my skin burns!
After lunch I am working,working and working
then my head start to protest me.
I have a terrible headache right now,
maybe chips and cheese might help(ha ha)

Good night girlslets have a lovely weekend.

///another vintage toy from flea market
guess why I bought this one...because of the rabbit? YES!
+ The wooden box from Ichi and my wachi tapes :-)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New gift wrapping paper I have made last weekend.

Happy (Thai's) New Year!!!
People start to celebrate all over the city.

Just have a wonderful dinner with my great friend^^
Great friend,good food,nice wine,what a wonderful evening.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Oom gave me her treasure!!!
I just got it and cannot stop cutting
every piece of paper that I can found!

Thank you so much!I love it too much.
Be safe,Take care of yourself and your mom na ja.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Aenoi said that " our world got fever"
I cannot agree more.
It's too hot to go outside.

Something I bought for Kit-bit-s before Ichi will close.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

shop update

Part of my plastic vintage toy.

Ichi will close on 12th April ( Last day)
Reiko start to sell everything in her shop,
including all furniture and shelves.

I don't know how I should feel,
between sad as my friend will live so far away from me
and happy for my friend as she finally be close with her family.
Someone has asked me " Why your friend want to go back to Japan
when most of them want to stay as far as possible from there?"
I don't agree with that person.
Well,I am kind of understand Reiko,you know?
I think this terrible things which happened to Japan made people get closer.

Reiko stay in Thailand almost 10 years,
She was there ( in Japan) when the earthqake started
and I guess even it's so bad
but she was there with her mother and father!
It great to be there,right?
Her family cannot move from Japan to Thailand
so she think she should be there,Back home.

I don't want to be anywhere but with my family. Don't you think so?

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I come home with lots and lots of vintage toys!
So if you love plastic toy,please stop by at my shop \(^O^)/
and this kraft twist waitting for me at home!Love them!

Really exhausted,
I went to Bangkok 3 days and
this is the first time I can slept there without aircon!
but only the first day because in the last day
BKK super hot ( as always).

Count down to Maroon5 concert!!
Can't wait!