Saturday, October 1, 2011

dry food

one thing you need to do when you know you gonna
stuck in the house where surrounded by the water
is " pile up the dry food"
( well,when I write this post,my house turn to
normal condition now,thanks for all your support!)

Here is one of the dry food I had in my storage.
I have had this since early of September?
It was moon festival and I just love this so much.
I had it with a ginger tea while watching the water
flood over my living room floor...a little pleasure
in the middle of terrible environment.

anyway,news keep telling us not to be sure that
the water will not come again so everything in my house
still stand above the floor.

Tomorrow,I will back to work at my studio so
any of you who bought thing from my shop.
you can be sure that every package will send out to you
on Monday(3rd October)

Enjoy your sunny weekend,girls!


lina said...

oh no! your poor home! i'm glad things are getting somewhat better it seems. stay safe!

keetee said...

Don't worry,lina
I keep my crafty and most of my small little things at my studio so everything safe and sound there.
Thank you!We(my family)almost back to our normal life now but the the rest of Thailand not,so please give us some pray :-(