Friday, May 27, 2011


This welcome mat will welcome you to the new space
at Paper spoon !
Ok,I don't have the picture of their new spaces right now
as they will open next month but I am sure
that eveyone gonna love it!!!

Koong(Communista's owner)has a little girl,
we called her Na-Mo and this doll is her sister :-)

Yesterday I met friends and a lot of lovely people,
its make me feel so happy.

Anyway,I think my insomnia is better.
Thanks Lina,I think because of you...I mean I try to think/create
a story in my head and before the story end,I fell as sleep.
Many thanks(really!)


lina said...

oh good!!! i'm so happy it may have worked for you! : )

chaey said...

ติดโรคนอนไม่หลับเข้าแล้ว T--T เลยเข้ามาเตรดเตร่ยามวิกาล z z z