Monday, May 23, 2011

the sun

Look how wonderful the sun made for this photo!
Everything so clear and so colorful!

Tonight,it might rainning as we have super hot day.

Oom called me yesterday,I miss her so much.
(Wish you hurry back home and make more beautiful bags!)

My friend just text me,told me that she feel so pessimistic today
and she wanna cry with no reason.
Sometime,I feel the same,maybe because of the hormone?
,maybe because we miss great time that it will never happen again.
Maybe...just lonely.

well,I suggest her that delicious dinner might help :-)
Good food always make me feel better.

1 comment:

Little and Big said...

there're tons of flowers in your blog and shop at the moment! you're so into it Keetee, I can say.

Sometimes I, myself want to cry just seeing the picture of the ducks! no reason at all! so we should blame it on Hormones, i guess.

Don't worry my dear Keetee, next time it will be yours na ja. I will be envy you t soood if you got a chance to live in the town like that. Lots of good cafes, nice place to eat, people are super easy going and kind! finger cross for you!
Miss you soooooooooo!