Friday, May 20, 2011

If you are living in the country where has 95%summer time,
I guess you cannot live without air conditiner.
Even sometime/someday in winter I need to open
air conditiner!

But!the best thing to live in the country with
too much sunshine.You don't need tumble dryer.
(except when it raining for 3-4days and no sun
I will thinking to buy a tumble dryer)

well,I cannot sleep with air conditiner when
I am alone at home.
I guess because it will be too much silent,
I cannot hear the sound outside the room,
I cannot smell the breeze,the night's,
so I bare with the heat rather than
sleep cool.

Mulberry?I saw a lot at Paper spoon!

Hooray! Mr.Bear will be home tonight!
Let's laugh with me!!!


irobott said...

I miss your blog :)
it's always make me alive.

I'm the one who always love air-condition, but also walk in the sun without sun-block. (ohhh! or may be I'm just a lazy person hahaha)

Little and Big said...

I think there're pros and cons. Sometimes I feel lucky that not living in a country where the weather is going below zero in winter because it's not comfortable at all, it's torment! since we're a tropical animal T__T we born this way.

But someday when it's soooo hot, I wish I had Doraemon magic door just to escape to somewhere else cooler as well ha ha ha..