Monday, May 16, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I took a lot of photos of my new product.
It's really really hot.The room I took the picture
is on the south so the sun shine directly to the room in the afternoon.
The light is so pretty.I can spend hours in that room.

One thing I can predict is,I know I have to see the doctor today
because last nigth my nose and my throat are really hurt.
I should know that I shouldn't stay in that room too long.
It's too hot for me -_-
and now I have to have double dose of my regular pill.

How is your Monday?
I will start my Monday tomorrow because
I have already pretent that today is still Sunday.
My headache told me that I cannot handle Monday,today.
(ANyway,It's buddhist holiday until wednesday)

Let's work hard and collect a lot of money!!!! HA HA

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