Wednesday, May 25, 2011

peko chan

Look how lucky I am!!!
I found this Peko chan figure at Monday flea Market.
Always love this character since I went to Japan last time.

There's a boy too,what his name?I cannot remember.

I have a real bad insomnia for weeks.
Anyone of you have any tip to help?Please Help me!

It's really bad,Hot milk cannot help,counting sheep?NO!
I even try to work really hard and think that exhausted might help
but it's not!ok,I cannot open my eyes as it's too heavy
but I still lay awake when my eye close.real bad!
Somebody HELP!
I am an inch close to ask my doctor for a sleeping pill.

1 comment:

lina said...

don't take a sleeping pill! i heard that afterwards you get worse insomnia & nightmares when you finally do get to sleep!
i would reccommend soothing music or creating an adventure story in your head while closing your eyes. they work for me! : )