Saturday, March 19, 2011

Asian pigeon wings

Do you know that you can get the color out of the flower?
In Thailand we can get Green from Pandanus leaf,
Yellow from turmeric and Purple from Asian pigeon wings.

We have this Blue pea vine in our yard and my mother in law
alway pick them up almost every morning to make "purple water"
( good for health!Good for your eye and defecate.)

I called Reiko on the other day and she fine!!
Her little sons felt so scared but everyone is fine,
I am very happy to hear her voice,she will back to Thailand
next week.

If you are in ChiangMai and your favourite coffee shop is PaperSpoon
Pam(the owner) has already change the tip box to
donation box for Japan,Every Baht will go to help Japan.
Ask her for detail,we collect every baht start now.
////Tonight the moon is super big!The rabbit on the moon
look bigger than ever..wish you have a nice super moon day!

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