Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Communisata always make "buffalo" items.
I use to ask the owner"why?" and she said that"I just like it".
I feel like it is the symbol of my country follow the elephant.

I stay at home all day,today.
It's freezing here! just a few days ago,it's really really hot
but just after yesterday.Here,outside the window it's rainning all day
and all night so today....freezing!it's not suppose to be this
cold on March!

Aenoi told me that her friend believe that
Bangkok will have a big flood after 17th March.
What going on to this world?What will happen next?

Still have not heard from Reiko,
I pray with my heart that she just busy there(at Japan)
so she cannot answer my e-mail and one day
I will get her call,said that she has already back here(in Thailand)
Cannot watch any news about Japan,Cannot stand to watch.

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