Thursday, March 3, 2011


Packing is so much fun for me.
The part of it is I can use so many cute masking tape,stamps
and even a cute scissors /All the packing tools.

I have heard people talking about weather( all around the world)
it's seem so crazy and almost unpredictable these day.
What will happen next?

Have you ever watched 2012?
I guess me and Mr.Bear will die in the beginning.
We will eatting something,inside our house and
the ceiling will fall on us,the end ( HA HA)
When I write this,The rain is falling.
Suddenly the sky get dark and it's rain outside now!

1 comment:

Little and Big said...

oohhh yes! and you did a very very good job on packing. I love all of the packages you'd delievered indeed!!! There's something I love to called 'keetee's touch' in it na. like cartoons that you drew and etc. which is quite unique and can easily makes the recipient very happy : D