Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I always feel HURRY!
everytime I have to go out of town.
I will think about the trip about 3-4days
before I go.( like,what should I take with me,

do I have enough clean cloth for the trip,
do I have to mail anything to anyone before I go...Etc,)

We(me+my family) will go to Bangkok(yes,again)
tomorrow night and now I feel like I forget something.
Umm....I don't know what is it but I feel so uncomfortable.
Yeah,maybe because I don't feel comfortable to leave my house.
To spend nights at my uncle's place,to leave my cosy couch,
leave my tea pot and be somewhere mr.Bear not with me ( Ha Ha)

////I have got a huge stock of mulberry paper flowers from my friend
( I am thinking about selling them on my shop)
and this finger cookies so delicious with my afternoon coffee!

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