Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Paper Spoon

Finally we ( Me,Riko,Oom and more) have a place to hang out,I mean,if we have time to hang out(ha ha).
Pam (my incredible older friend) has opened her own handmade/coffee shop,its called " Paper Spoon"
I went there with Oom the other day and it is so nice!!,cosy,comfry,lovely....I caanot find the word to explain how wonderful the place is.I feel like I can be there forever,just me and a book,also with her original Thai's ice tea (um...next time I will change it to be a hot coffee or tea beacuse right now it's too cold out there.)...Oh! Oh! Oh! and her handmade scone is the best!
I am sure that I will have more fun time to share with you,next time I be there^^

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