Friday, March 11, 2011

rabbit always

I had "Thai massage" on the other day.
It's really really hurt! but it's felt so comfortable after.
I guess no good thing come easy,right?

We(me and Mr.bear) start a new routine today.
we will walk about 5km everyday.
I hope this could be a routine as
I cannot handle too many medicine anymore and
excercise is the best medicine right?
My friend told me to quit the cold water too so
now I drink less cold water(try to quit!)

Let's have some excercise together,girls
we will have a better and better health!!! :-)
I have these plastic bunny toys and clips from
a stationery shop,They were covered with dust but I still find them!!

1 comment:

Little and Big said...

like i told you, you're the treasure finder!
Yeah yeah yeah! we trying to walk for half an hour every night after dinner. 5km is quite tough though, but I wish you can make it a routine. Good for health!! : )