Sunday, November 20, 2011

loosing end

I catch a terrible cold right now :-(
I cannot talk without making the sound like a frog.
My sister told me on the phone that I sounded like
I have cried all night.

My best friend called me this morning to told me
that someone tried to make a shop like mine.
Well,I am too sick to responded.
I might want to scream something
but my throat is too sore and it really hard
to scream when your nose swallow.
( I have tried,believe me but the sound is too ugly
even I can't handle it,Ha Ha)

I always spend my Sunday with my mother
we went to flower market,have lunch.
I am also working on Kit-bit-s new items and make more
fabric covered button for my Etsy shop,
Then I packed items for my friend and my customer.

How about your Sunday,my girls


Little and Big said...

I think now she knows that we found her shop because she stop blogging. She removed her blog and deleted her blog URL from her shop info. what a coward COPY CAT!

I can say I've never pissed off like this for a looooooong time! The most important thing is I'm embarassed as she is Thai just like me. After reading what happened to Dawn Tan, I feel terrible about copying idea. And that same bad thing is now happening to my best friend! : (
Who knows the reason she removed her blog is because she follow your blog! and now she may reading my comments as well. Oh! I wish I knew who she is!!!

Katyha said...

Hope you feel better soon.

I don't like copycats :(

keetee said...

Hmmm,I hate copy cat too but right now I think I decide to let it go because it made me unhappy and worry with something all the time.
Let's have fun :-)(Thanks Katyha)

I feel better and better ( I think,Ha HA)Thanks and see you on next post!
(If you stop by and read this,Katyha,I like your photo on your blog a lot!!!,I have the same problem with lina's blog.I cannot access to comment on your sad )