Sunday, November 27, 2011

tiny tiny friend

Something about Sunday made me want to up my blog.
Maybe because tomorrow is Monday and we will never want
Monday to come too soon so
here is my last moment to enjoy the holiday.
( tiny Kewpie found at flea market
and tiny wooden rabbit button from Oom)

Only A week and a half left,to prepare for Farmer Market
by Matha Stewart living magazine(Thailand),
If you are in Bangkok,maybe we will meet :-)

Luckily,my friend offer me to do some wooden product for my shop(yay!)
in this very rush hours.I am so so grateful.
( If I am in western culture,I might give him a big hug!!
but it will not really appropriate here so I just say many THANKS!)
SO! I will have a wooden keychain/magnets and if there's times left
he promise me desk clocks too( I ask hime to make 5,first)
I am really excitting!

I have only 6 teddy bear,right here!!!
( it so incredibly hard to rush,I am very bad on rushing)
Hope I can make more in next few days :-(

well well well..
December also coming,My shop( kit-bit-s) pretty busy lately.
We can sell a lot lately(another YAY!)

Goodnight girls,hope you meet things to make you smile a lot,tomorrow.

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