Friday, November 25, 2011

another day

Another day for working all day!
Just got this kraft paper rope from Daiso
and try on packing for my customer,today.

Do you think I should worry about my cold condition?
I try both,buy medicine( eat them all,not better),
See the doctor and now almost eat all the medicine...
still.. not think I feel better.
Well...a little bit better than last week but
today I feel dizzy,hungry but don't want to eat anything
and worst thing is my nose swallow badly :-(

Found another copy cat but feel better when
my friend wrote me super sweet and comfort words.

If I see the fortune teller,I am sure she will tell me
I will not have better day for next two days!
because my teddy bears still in pieces and I don't feel
to working on them soon,not tonight for sure.

SO!let's read somthing lovely and go to bed a little early
Shall we? Have a nice night,girls

1 comment:

lina said...

oh no feel better keetee!! i'm sick in bed today, but i don't think i am as bad feeling as you are : (
someone is copying you?? ugh no fun! & so sad. but you are definitely one of a kind!! : )
i like this idea of reading something lovely & going to bed a little early -- something that i haven't done in a while...