Monday, April 25, 2011

A Trip

WhatI love and hate when I am on a flight.

I do love when the plane about to leave the ground.
Have you ever ride in very very fast car?
I feel the same except this is fater!
it will go faster,faster and faster until it cannot
be faster,it fly!

But it terrible feeling when the plane decide
to leave the sky and plant on the ground.
I hate when the plane landed not smooth.
I feel like I might crash!Its really bad feeling.
(Sometime in bad weather,I will almost pray!)

Maroon5 is the best!
I had a real bad sore throat right now
because I was shout a lot :-(

I have never ever thought that go to Bangkok
can be my holiday or relax but this time I can say that
I want to go there more often.

Thanks to my friend to show me slow side of the city
( or maybe we were so relax and slower than everything

My eyes alway catch on rabbits,I guess eater passed?

/// Photos from Vanilla Garden,great sweets!
I wish that I can eat more :-)


lina said...

oh how fun it must have been to see maroon 5! i love them!
& i also love flying! my favorite part is the take off. & i also love to be at the airport & watch people from all around.
so fun!
hope your easter was good!

keetee said...

Actually,we don't have easter here but I like rabbit and Easter eggs!!! Do you found any Easter egg?
I don't know why but people I know,they all love Maroon5!!I guess maybe we love similar things :-) that's super nice, right?

lina said...

it is super nice that we love similar things : )
i don't really celebrate easter, but almost everyone around me does. so i didn't find any eggs : ( but i like the idea of finding eggs with little gifts inside! & i love rabbits too : )