Friday, April 15, 2011

too bright

Outside,people have the water fighting for the last day.
The holiday still continuos,
most peopel will start working again on Monday 18th
but I will open Kit-bit-s tomorrow.

I have to go out for morming coffee,groceries
and lunch,the sun ways too bright,
I feel like my skin burns!
After lunch I am working,working and working
then my head start to protest me.
I have a terrible headache right now,
maybe chips and cheese might help(ha ha)

Good night girlslets have a lovely weekend.

///another vintage toy from flea market
guess why I bought this one...because of the rabbit? YES!
+ The wooden box from Ichi and my wachi tapes :-)


lina said...

pretty pretty tapes!

la casita said...

have fun with that lovely washi!

game said...

คุณฮุ้ง ichi ไม่อยู่แล้วเราจะหา washi น่ารักๆจากไหนกันล่ะนี่

Little and Big said...

ooh..that was from Ichi? lovely! (the vintage rabbit/butterfly is lovely too!)
but I believe that you got more tapes than that..wait for the basket to keep the rest ar!