Friday, April 22, 2011


Not just today but please
do not forget your shopping bag
( just try to reduce one plastic bag),
your tumbler ( reduce a plastic/paper coffee cup)
before you leave your house

and if you have a chance to grow a tree
( we need more O2,Don't you think so?),
grow a green every chance you have :-)

Wish our planet calm for a day.

Maroon5 will be here in Thailand,tomorrow.
I will be there wherever they are,tomorrow :-)

1 comment:

Little and Big said...

ได้ข่าวว่าวันนี้มี starbucks ฟรีถ้ามีแก้วเติม!
เพิ่งรู้ว่าวันนี้ earth day ฮิๆ เผลอทำตามคอนเซปต์โดยมิได้ตั้งกะใจ ^^
yeah yeah..hope all the plant in th world are calm and peaceful today (and for eternity) this world is hot enough.