Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am a professional in Waitting.

I have to waitting for my parents to picked me up when
I was a little girl,waitting for my sister finished her class
when I was in high school(we have to go home together),
waitting for my friend get dress when I was in university,
waitting for my husband to take me out for dinner,
waitting for a bus,waitting for a plane......waitting.

You know? waitting,killing time.
That's why I always have a book with me.
even now I have an ipod,I still prefer to read a book.
My bag always over load by a thick big book.

I have to pick Mr.Bear up today from his trip
so I have 2-3 hours to waste or to enjoy my new book.
Yes,I start a new one again,still ,Harlan Coben :( Caught )

What kind of the book you like most?
I can read all kind,Aenoi just introduce me
to the world of "Romance" and I enjoy them a lot( Really)
some good,some bad but I think I like it.

weekend coming closer and closer.
///I rest my eye for a while and took these pictures
@paper spoon(my favourite place now)


MC said...

hello! I post your work on my blog.
Hope it's not wrong! The author is properly identified

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