Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have to take a shower twice a day,wake up and before I go to bed
because my country is very hot and take a shower is a nice way to
make all heat go away.

with this adorable bath mitten,
dont' you think you want to spend a long long time in your shower?

Weekend almost coming and I still have tons of work(and project) to do.
This weekend will be different for me because instead of working I will give
my weekend to my friend.Unfortunately,the tourist will back to my city again
this weekend too-_-,I guess I need to find a quite place to spend with her.

Guess,I will see you guys again on Monday So!
have a sweet weekend my friends.
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Ps.I saw La casita and Dawn having knitting project on their mind
and now I want to knit something!!^^


la casita said...

oh that mitten is so cute!
happy knitting : )))

Under the Ribbon 8:-) said...

For me, I'll never wanna finish shower huhu.

Hope you enjoy this weekend na ja. The weather is cold enough to enjoy chilling out at Paper Spoon for many hours!!!