Friday, January 28, 2011

Hurricane in my head

I cannot open my eyes,I felt like small human hanging at my eyelash
,it's so heavy,I have to close my eyes (all the time)
I felt so sleeply but it hurt so badly, I have to close my eye but cannot sleep.

Sometime,I cannot even lay down because when I lay down my sinus will hurt
like hell (sorry) that made me have to sit straight,
still close my eye when I really want to sleep.
and the light!,I cannot bare the light,I want to sit in the dark,silent
close my eye...poor my Mr.Bear,he have no idea what he
should do to make me feel better.

That's happened to me yesterday.
I feel so fresh and bright today,Thanks for my doctor
he gave me another big dose of medication. (sigh!)
Well,I am about to see a new doctor that my friend suggest.
She told me that this doctor focus on organic medication.
She make all pills from herb,natural medication.
Have to try as I feel that I have too much antibiotics.
I always think that good health is the best bless.
I wish you all have a good health^^

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Really love this boxes!! from Ichi


game said...

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keetee said...

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