Tuesday, January 11, 2011

for drink

Lovely coaster from the shop near Kit-bit-s.
I have too many coaster and I am not really use them but I want them!
My friends alway love shopping (Oh,dear ME too!) and they alway say:
" I have enough,I have already have this ,I can live without it and why I bought them!"
I do have the answer my friends.

" Yes,You can live without it but you cannot be happy without it!"

Ha Ha,good reason right?
I have a room full of things that I cannot fit it in my bed room or
they are not for my table,my bed,my sofa,my kitchen,my book shelve,shelves.....
they will be in that room.I go to the room often and spend hours inside the room.

Hunting for a lovely hotel for my friend
what do you think about this place?

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Under the Ribbon 8:-) said...

That friend of yours sound sooooo familiar. I think I shound copy your words and send it to Boo right now ;)