Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last night,Mr.Bear came home with this lovely cube calendar.
( and a pack of water color postcard. )

I know,I know that its look so simple but I love simple so
I think it very cute for me.
I like the way they print "January" in many language.

My friend send me a text every night say:
" 9 days left and we will meet " ( the number will reduce every night )
I am counting the date myself too,I like to have friend to visit me
because it will not just their holiday but I can use them to make a holiday myself^^

1 comment:

Under the Ribbon 8:-) said...

I'm counting down too, but for the boo to come back T__T

What an interesting calendar!
good start for new year ;)
mine is a free company calendar da boo got from his old company but the style is basic and good quality paper...enough space to write sth. on to just like yours :)