Thursday, February 3, 2011


I just finish making new item for my garden,
It's a good beginning for this year(chinese year),right?
Work hard and hope that things I make can sell(HA HA)

My friend went to Bangkok to find a job,
Sometime I think it's so hard to find the job(money).
I live in small city (when I mean small it's mean
you know almost,her friend is my sister,her sister
is my friend's friend and that's guy girlfriend know the girl
who open the shop next to me!....things like this happen all the time)

It's hard to find a job with a lot of money and
it's so hard to start a new business here where only small group of people
around here to spend the money.
My friend went to Bangkok,I hope she get the job that she want.

Happy New year girls (yesterday is the last day of the year,my mom told me)
We(Me +my sisters +my dearest mother) spent a great time together
it's hard to find time like that when you getting older...we have job to do
and less holiday.I wish that I can spend more and more time with my mom.

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