Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year Eve

Tomorrow will be Chinese New Year.
We prepare so much food and clean every inch of our house.
I have to confess that I have not finish all organized my stuff (too much)
but I think I did what I can.(Best that I can!)

This afternoon is so quite,I have not talk to anyone yet.
Mr.Bear away again,he was not home for Christmas and nither for New Year.
(How sad I am -_-)
When he's not home I have two feeling.
1- 5% I feel happy that I own the whole bed room myself,I can do eveything
without him on my way! TV,Bed and everything inside the refrigerator.
2- 95% I don't want that big room for myself,I want him inside it!and I want
to eat everything inside the refrigerator with him -_-

I always lonely as I as when he's away!I hate his job sometime.
I guess I will spend a night at my mom on New year.

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