Saturday, February 26, 2011


I love snail mail (not just the word but the way of it too).
So many people involve to send a package/feeling from one person to another.
Isn't it romantic?
I feel so excitting everytime I find my inbox full with a box
or a letter have my name on it!
I love the part "Brown paper packages tied up with strings"
because it's actually my favourite thing.

The package have face/inspired by Hello Sandwich.
I love her idea.
the big blue rose box was from Aenoi.
she will send you a lovely box too if you buy things from her HERE)


alessandra caprini said...

your blog (and your shop) is cute!!! i'm one of your followers!
best wishes from Italy!

keetee said...

I cannot explain how I feel when I see new people visitting my blog(and my shop),It's mix between happy and unbelievable!!!

Thank you so much,Your word brighten up my day(REALLY!!!)