Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little and big

I love the word " small little thing"
and now my favourite will go for " Little and big "
as Aenoi's shop is "Little and big shop" :-)
I just took a little walk (as online,Ha Ha) into her shop
and there's so many and many lovely/cute/useful items.
Here is her shop officially here: Little and big

Lately,She just sent me a box of Annie's Bunny Graham cookie?
It's cookie or cereal?,I think it's not so tasty for me na Aenoi
but It's super cute,Ha Ha

1 comment:

Little and Big said...

The cheese rabbit which I got is not that good either, but yep! it's sooooo cute so we allow to get one anyway : )

Thanks again ja for helping me promote my little shop. you're sooo lovely!!