Tuesday, December 20, 2011

seki mihoko

Finally this die cut stickers are mine!Yay!
Aenoi gave them to me as a favor or maybe
just because we love each other,Ha Ha
I am not sure that I have a heart to cut it.
(Seki Mihoko+classiky)

Have you ever need to force yourself to get out of bed?

In the winter morning when you are underneath the super warm blanket.
You are not sure that the light you see is real or you are just dreaming.
It's happen to me a lot lately...I am not sure that I need to get up.

I have a super nice day,today.
After busy month,finally,I have time to sit with my friends,
talk and laugh :-D

We will have a tiny market to sell what we don't want
but it might be needed by someone at Paper Spoon(coffee shop)
on 30th December,I still have no idea what I will sell
because....I don't think I have what I don't want,Ha Ha

Stay warm and have a cup of hot rice tea.
Sleep early and just hope tomorrow is a nice day.
good night girls.

1 comment:

Little and Big said...

Of course, it's because I luvvvvvv u! heeheee