Sunday, December 18, 2011


" I don't mind if you forget me"
Have you ever heard about this book
by Nara Yoshitomo?
The title sounded so lonely but somehow I do love it.

I have made this couple robot for sale at Farmer's market
and now, hey are sitting at Kit-bit-s.
( I found them at miekewillems 's blog and I hope
they don't mind that I remake them,if they from someone's design
I will not sell them and keep them myself)

After stay still for a few days(do nothing but cleaned my house and read)
I think I will make myself busy again tomorrow.

how are you girls?


Katyha said...

these are super cute!

mieke willems said...

oh! i just see this now!
they were actually by our children's gorilla, a swedish brand. cute copy!